Welcome Personnel Commissioners, Directors and Guests!

Message from the President: 


Welcome to the web site of the School Personnel Commissioners Association of Northern California.


The merit system is a system of rules and procedures similar to civil service, which governs classified school personnel.  Its fundamental purpose is to insure that employees are selected, promoted, and retained without favoritism or prejudice, on the basis of merit and fitness.  In merit system school districts in California, the system is administered by the Personnel Commission, an independent body composed of three persons appointed for three-year staggered terms.


Personnel Commissioners are appointed as follows: One member shall be appointed by the Governing Board; one member nominated by the classified employees shall be appointed by the Governing Board.  Those two members shall appoint the third member.


With the budget crisis over the last several years and unfortunately the next many years, hiring and retaining the best possible employees is of the utmost importance.  As budgets, resources and staff is getting cut, we need to have access to resources that we can depend on for assistance. The Personnel Commission network of Directors, Commissioners and staff is a wonderful source of information.  Our Executive Director, George Cole, is a valuable resource to assist you on Merit System questions or can direct you to the source of information you need on personnel matters. 


The California School Personnel Commissioners Association (CSPCA) web-site www.meritsystem.org is an excellent resource for information and a list of Merit System Districts you can contact.  The web site will have listed workshops or conferences for you to attend.  In an effort to make these sessions affordable we have planned the events with the least amount of cost as possible, and are limiting the number of days for the events.   Our Merit System family is a wealth of information that can be a great resource.





Kenee Houser