About Us

School Personnel Commissioners Association of Northern California was incorporated as a public non-profit association in 1977. Our association represents 30 merit system school districts from Del Norte Unified School District in northern part of the state, to San Luis Obispo County Office of Education to the south.

The goal of our Association is to promote state-of-the-art human resources management practices based on merit system principles. We accomplish this through creating publications, presenting training workshops, providing merit support mentoring services, maintaining an informational web site, and sponsoring an annual conference.

Our Association’s Board of Directors meets 4 (four) times a year to plan events for our member districts. We strongly encourage our Association members to attend these meetings to share their ideas, network with fellow members, and receive advice and assistance concerning issues their merit systems may be encountering.

School Personnel Commissioners Association of Northern California







The name of this organization shall be the School Personnel Commissioners Association of Northern California




The objective of this Association is to improve public school classified personnel management, which will enhance the support of quality education for the benefit of the community at large. Specific purposes include the following:


A.        To meet the needs of members by providing an organization to represent these needs to member districts and members of the public with whom Commissioners and their staffs will interact.

B.        To help members become more effective in their roles as Commissioners and staff.

C.        To collect and exchange information about public school administration, classified personnel management, and personnel systems through the establishment of information bases, publications, training workshops, conferences, and various field services.




Section 1.        The Personnel Commission of each school/college district and County Office of Education which has adopted the Merit System provisions provided for in the Education Code, State of California, in the geographical area from the Oregon-California border southward to and including San Luis Obispo, Kern and Inyo Counties shall have the privilege of membership in the association and by payment of the annual dues shall become an Association member.

Each member district, County Office and Honorary Life members shall be entitled to one vote per Commissioner and Director and Honorary Life Member. Each individual Commissioner and Director of a member district and Honorary Life member shall be entitled to hold office in accordance with Article IV , to authorize and designate his/her proxy vote, to participate in the activities of the Association and to receive publications.

Section 2. Honorary Life membership:  Past Commissioners and Directors may be designated as honorary life members by the Board of Directors and shall be entitled to participate in the activities of the Association and to receive publications.


Section 3. Non School member:  The civil service/personnel commission and/or staff of a government agency may, upon application and approval of the Board of Directors, become a non-school member. Non-school members shall not have the right to vote or hold office, but shall receive all other benefits of membership.

Section 4. Dues:  The dues of this Association shall be established by the Board of Directors and shall be on the basis of member districts and County Offices of Education. The annual dues period shall be July 1 through June 30.





Section 1.  Qualifications:  All persons elected or appointed as Officers and Directors-at-Large shall be active members or honorary life members in good standing. 

Section 2.  Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of six Officers, the Past President, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and six elected Directors-at-Large.

Section 3.  Terms of Office:  Directors-at-Large shall serve for a two calendar year term, with three positions expiring one year and three positions the alternate year.  The officers shall serve for a term of one calendar year.  Terms of office shall begin January 1, or the date the individual was appointed to fill an un-expired term.

Section 4.  Duties:  The Board of Directors shall:


A.        Formulate policies, goals, annual operating program, and five-year strategic plan for the Association.

B.        Establish dues.

C.        Adopt the annual budget and authorize expenditures.

D.        Consider and act upon proposals from committees or members.

E.         Prepare and submit to the membership an Annual Report on or before July 1.

Section 5.  Meetings:  The Board of Directors shall meet not less than quarterly and the President shall fix the time and place of meetings. Board of Directors members must be notified by U.S. Mail, e-mail, or FAX of such meeting two weeks in advance of each meeting. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President, or the majority of the Directors.  A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum.

Section 6.  Vacancies:  The President with the approval of the Board of Directors shall within 60 day’s fill vacancies created by resignation or removal of an officer for the interim period to the next Annual Meeting.

Section 7.  Removal from Office:  A member may be removed from the Board of Directors “for cause” by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of individual members attending any meeting of the Association called pursuant to Article VII herein.








Section 1.  President: 

The President shall perform the following duties:

Preside at all Board of Directors and general membership meetings;

Implement the Board approved annual operational program;

Appoint Chair and members of committees;

Oversee the establishment and implementation of a Merit System proposal process to non Merit System Districts;

Perform all other duties, which customarily pertain to the office of the President.


Section 2.  1st Vice President:

The 1st Vice President shall perform the following duties:

Assist the President with the implementation of the approved annual program;

Assure continuity of program when assuming the office of President the following year;

Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President;

Assume responsibility for site selection and serve as Chair for the Annual Conference;

Assume responsibility for dinner meetings program.

Section 3.  2nd Vice President:

The 2nd Vice President shall perform the following duties:

Assume the duties of the President and the program for dinner meetings in the absence of the President and 1st Vice President;

Establish and coordinate a mentor program for Commissioners and Directors;

Serve as a member of the conference committee for the annual conference.

Section 4.  Secretary:

The Secretary shall perform the following duties:

Keep an accurate account of all meetings and to prepare a written record of the same;

Assume responsibility for updating the Association Directory;

Assume responsibility maintaining Association historical records.

Section 5.  Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall perform the following duties:

Maintain adequate financial records in the form approved by the Board of Directors;

Receive and hold all monies and disburse the same on approval of the Board of Directors;

Serve as Chair of the Budget Committee;

Notify member districts and County Offices of Education of required dues payment;

Prepare the Association accounting records for annual audit.





Section 6.  Past President:

The Past President shall perform the following duties:

Advise the President on matters regarding the Presidency;

Oversight responsibility for continuity of the Association program;

Coordinate the legislative activities of the Association.


Section 7.  Directors at Large:

Each Director at Large shall perform the following duties:

Attend the Board of Directors meetings;

Be a member of the Audit Committee;

Exercise due diligence in reading and acting on agenda items and materials;

Serve on Committees as appointed by the President;

Represent member districts



Section 1. Authorization:  Following the election, the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the authorization of standing and special committees in addition to those provided in these bylaws.

Section 2.  Appointment:  Committee members shall be appointed and the chairman designated by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors unless otherwise provided in these bylaws.

Section 3.  Standing Committees:  Standing committees may include but not be limited to the following:

A.        Audit – Each year the President shall appoint an audit chair and the audit chair shall select two other members.  The committee shall meet once a year to perform the audit.

B.        Budget – Shall prepare the overall budget proposal for the ensuing fiscal year for presentation to the Board of Directors at their first meeting of the year, this committee to be chaired by the Treasurer.

C.        Bylaws – Shall review and recommend necessary changes in the Association bylaws and Administrative rules and procedures.

D.        Legislative – Shall study suggestions for proposed legislation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the California School Personnel Commissioners Association’s Legislative Committee and shall responsible for keeping the membership informed regarding legislation affecting the Merit System (and other interest of this association), this committee to be chaired by the Past President.





E.         Nominating – Shall consist of three members who are not currently officers of the association. Their duties shall be to submit to the general membership a list of individuals who have agreed to serve as officers and Directors-at Large of the Association and to make recommendations for nominations of candidates for Honorary Life Membership.

F.         Annual Program – The Board of Directors as a whole shall be responsible for developing an annual program plan.

G.        Strategic Plan – The Board of Directors as a whole shall have responsibility for developing, updating, and reporting to the membership a five–year plan updated annually for the Association.

H.        Conference Committee – The conference committee shall consist of the 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and three members appointed by the President. The conference committee shall have full responsibility for selecting the site and preparing the conference program with the Executive Board having final approval of the site and program. The three members of the conference committee appointed by the president shall each serve at least two consecutive terms on the committee unless removed by the President. In the event of a committee members resignation the President shall appoint a replacement to finish the term of the resigning committee member.



Section 1.  Membership Meetings:  The annual membership meetings shall be held at the annual conference each year, at which time reports by officers and committee chairs shall be given, election of officers and directors-at large will be held, and any other necessary business transacted. Additional meetings may be scheduled by the Board of Directors. Written notice of one month shall be given for the annual meeting and at least two weeks notice given for special meetings indicating time, date and place of meeting.

Section 2.  Quorum:  At any meeting called pursuant to Article VII, Section 1, herein, twenty-five percent (25%) of member districts and County Offices of Education shall constitute a quorum.




Section 1.  The recommendations from the Nominating Committee shall be submitted to the membership in writing to be included in the annual conference packet and announced at the annual meeting after the call to open the annual meeting.

Section 2.:  Nominations may also be made from the floor at the annual meeting. Individuals nominated from the floor shall have previously agreed to have their names submitted for the nomination and to serve if elected. The person/s nominated under this section must be present to confirm their agreement to be nominated and serve if elected.






Section 1.    Roberts Rules of Order, Revised shall be the authority governing all matters of procedures not otherwise specified in these bylaws.




Section 1.  These by laws may be amended by two–thirds (2/3) vote of the individual members voting at any officially designated meeting provided that a copy of the proposed amendment or amendments, together with the method of voting, shall have been sent to the member districts and County Offices of Education at least 30 days prior to the vote.

Section 2.  Proposals for amendments may be submitted to the Bylaws committee either by the Board of Directors, a member district or a member County Office of Education.




Revised 7/90, 12/91, 2/92, 12/97, 2/99, 10/01, 10/08, 10/10